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Our Reviews
Deborah Porter

Dr. Mary Schrick has saved my life twice! I have taken her recommendations for 30 years. After a hysterectomy in 1970 due to ruptured ovary and a diagnose from my doctor of severe osteoarthritis and incredible pain in my knees in 1989 - I saw Dr. Schrick and within a short time I had no more pain. 30 years later I am still pain free! She and her staff are fabulous and have helped me many times o ... ver the past 30 years. I recommend her without hesitation and she has helped many friends suffering from arthritis and hormone issues. Her supplements are the best and at 67 years of age, I feel great and can hike, bike, lift weights, horseback ride and dance as much as I want! more

Darlene Phillips
Dr Lim, Dr Mary and the entire staff have been so caring and helpful to me for many years. They have helped me with so many unusual health issues. I am so thankful they are there. I have and will continue to highly recommend Full Circle Health.
Billy Jones
Thank you Dr. Mary and all at full circle health! I have lived a life unconcerned of my gut health and payed the price momentarily. You have straightened me out guiding me in the right direction to a proper diet along with your vitamins and supplements! The radio show is great to be able to stay informed and to call in with any questions.
Jeannie Talley
Sarah Christiansen
Full Circle Health has done wonders for me. For many years I have had chronic back pain. I came to Full Circle and was told about Prolozone injections and the benefits. After just one treatment, I could tell a remarkable difference! Never have I had relief like this before! I am so impressed by the care given there. I am sure that I will now be a life long patient!
Robin Ham
This is a great place! On my healing journey, my husband and mother in law have greatly benefited from The quality supplements! Dr. Mary and Dr. Lim truely care about their patients!!!
Angela Sledge
Dr. Mary is fantastic. She is very thorough and knowledgeable. She has really helped me get healthy without any pharmaceuticals. I have recommended her to my family and friends.
Hannah Smith

I've waited a year to give this review. I can say Dr Schrick has saved my life.. no luck with medical drs but she found what they couldn't listened to what they didnt want to hear and even more importantly educated me in so many ways. Please it's worth the money maybe you see the prices and worry but you will find answers. The tests are so much more in depth than you will find anywhere else and l ... ess run around to find out the real problem. Listen to her and follow the instructions and you will see a change. Ask many questions and learn to help yourself too. more

Donna Potter

I can say without a doubt that Dr. Mary saved my life. Last August i was recommended to her by my hairdresser. I walked in and immediately she knew - my body was starving. I was not retaining vitamins and nutrients and I was low on B's. The cause of it all was a leaky gut. That is not even recognized in the western medicine world. I have gone to every digestive disease doctor in Oklahoma City and ... none diagnosed the problem. They just said that nothing showed up. If i had heard of Dr. Mary sooner, I would not have gotten to death's door. So, I thank god for her! Also, she has absolutely the best girls at the front; Amber and Jazmin. Both so kind, calm, and friendly. more

Pablo Picasso
I have used the product and has help me, my mom is always buying and different products she loves it , she doesn't buy vitamins and minerals at any other store, it will change your health for the better, if you have any health problems find out why not covered it up . There is a answer to every question, GOD bless you all.
Great place to go for chronic disease cures including cancer.