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slotown ca

Dr. Craig is one of a kind in my experience. I've been to Chiropractors and acupuncturists but Dr. Craig really stands out in so many ways. First, he explains everything he does and why he's doing it and is always willing to answer questions. Second, his knowledge of different forms of acupuncture is amazing to me. Needless (not acupressure), Korean, Japanese, Chinese, it's amazing and he dra ... ws from different disciplines based on your condition. Mine was neuropathy under my toes on both feet accompanied by a vascular skin condition on both feet and ankles. The technique he used to find the cause was AMAZING and the technique to unblock my blocked lung and liver meridians was equally AMAZING. I've had 6 appointments with him at this point and it will take a bit longer before totally unblocking my meridians but he has made great progress; they were blocked badly, to the point of no sensation whatsoever. I have not had a chance to try out his chiropractic technique only because I have not had the need, thank goodness. If you need someone that can address a broad spectrum of conditions, I would highly recommend him!!! You won't be sorry. more

Val Stocker
I have been going to Dr. Craig for at least 20 years! I liked him so well that when we moved which was about 2-3 hours away we still come on a regular basis. He uses hand held tools and 99.9% of the time you don’t feel anything but you feel a lot better when you leave. He also treats s your beloved pets. I “highly “ recommend him!
Christine Chacon
I have been seeing Dr. Beuttlerfor a few years now. He is very knowledgeable. I see him for migraines and I feel better quickly after my appointments.
Austin Moore

I've been seeing Dr Craig now for several years and he is extremely knowledgeable and has a wealth of information beyond just adjusting the back. I go here for everything from head tension to spinal issues as well as leg, knee and foot problems. He's also given me very sound advice on diet and exercise to stay healthy. He is genuinely interested in keeping me healthy and strong rather than just t ... rying to keep me coming in again and again ad so many doctors do. I've been through a half dozen other chiropractors in the county and he is my favorite. more

Cassie Thompson Mininni
James Stone
He's real careful, doesn't crack you, finds out what needs to be done, then only does that, makes a huge difference. SAFE
Stephanie Morain
Dr. BEUTTLER has been amazing for both myself and my 12 year old daughter. I've never been fond of manual adjustments and Dr Beuttler is gentle and caring. He has addresses our issues with compassion and care. Highly recommend him
Dana Verreras
Dr. Craig is my family's primary doctor. He has treated us for Valley Fever, Hormone imbalances, stress related issues, aches, pains, sprains etc... He is spot on with everything he does. We love Dr. Craig.
Andy Thomson

I've been to many chiropractors over the years and Dr. Craig is the best! He actually listens to what you say, checks it out and performs only the adjustment you need. This more precise approach has created the best results of any chiropractor I've seen. Doesn't try to suck you into a long treatment plan (I've fallen for that before and I'll never see that $$$ again). Don't waste your time or mon ... ey anywhere else, learn from my mistakes! more

Mindy Hartman
Dr Craig is amazing. I've never had much success with traditional hard push adjustments. Dr Craig uses acupressure and I'm having wonderful results. Highly recommend him
Susan Garretson

My family has been seeing Dr. Craig since 2004, as a matter of fact he was working on me when the 2004 earthquake hit!!! He finished the treatment and we jumped up and stood on the doorway. We consider Dr. Craig our Primary Care Physician, unless a bone is broken, we go to Craig. He cured a friend of mine who had Valley Fever in just 6 weeks, not 6 months like the MD's. Whatever is wrong with ... you , ask Craig first. Thanks Craig...... more

Aubree Koenig
I highly recommend Dr. Craig. He has helped me so much throughout the years. I see him regularly and his office is always very accommodating. He is incredibly knowledgeable in so many areas.
Chris Munro
I do not need to go in very often, but when I do Dr. Craig finds and treats the problem. Thank you!
Sarah Coniglio, DC
James Stone

I've been going to see Dr.Craig for years. When the fire hit and he moved, I couldn't find him for a few weeks and was kind of panicked. Nobody else has the soft touch. He doesn't crack your whole body like every other chiropractor. he finds out what needs work and he fixes the spots that need work. If you're in pain, that's what you need, someone who is very careful. Dr. Craig has kept me ... rocking and rolling and in one piece ever since he got here to this area. more